Every Texan knows as spring creeps into summer, the tempature creeps into the mid 90’s, sometimes even 100’s. This can be bad news for most plants but there are some heroic plants that can save your lawn from a Texas heat beating! Heat damages your lawn, plants, and vegetables in multiple variations.

Untitled-1A common factor is dry soil, which causes your roots to produce Abscisic Acid, or ABA, which then transfers into leaves, forcing stomate guard cells to close. This alters your plants’ water transpiration, making the plants unable to dissipate the heat in their tissues, thus increasing their internal temperature. A chain reaction leading to unpleasing damage as seen to the left. Hot, dry winds are just as effective in damaging your plants. Leaves start to lose more water than roots can absorb, which is a huge factor in rapid water loss in your lawn and results in heat injury. On and on the list goes, however the question still remains, what plants collaborate best with Texas heat?! Here are some you should definitely consider as these next few months come –

Black Eyed Susan is easy to grow and durable. With red-orange rays and eye-catching purplish-black cones, it’s not a wonder how they illuminate a garden.







Lantana’s are drought and heat’s “kryptonite”. Tiny flowers compacted and ready to let your lawn glow. These flowers are also the butterfly’s favorite!








Verbena is another easy to grow and popular plant that loves blooming in late spring. These modest, yet gorgeous, will do the trick for your lawn this summer.








Amaranthus plants are perfect for dry soil and resents transplanting. Be sure to actually keep these babies in the sun!










Celosia Spicata (wheat celosia) is typically red, purple, or pink and is a good cut flower, whether fresh or dried. It is not a fan of cold soil nor cold water.









Cleome Hassleriana (spider flower) is a flower that is easy to grow from seeds and will be a unique touch to your lawn.







Be prepared when you go for another round of Texas heat, and grow plants that are not only beautiful, but that can withstand overwhelming temperatures! It is understandable how certain factors holding back your lawns true potential can make you want to pull your hair out, but resist! Call and consult with one of our experts at Emerald Cut Lawn and Landscaping at (972) 291-8216 or (817)293-LAWN. Your lawn’s happiness is our pleasure!