To-Do-List For Fall

  • Cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower transplants. This is the prime weekend to plant them.
  •  Fall Color with Annuals -Zinnias, marigolds, celosias
  • New turfgrass as soon as possible to give it several weeks to establish good roots before cool weather returns.
  • Wild branches extending way out beyond canopies of shrubs to maintain natural growth forms. Whenever possible avoid squared or globular shapes to lessen your workload.
  • Dead branches out of trees, shrubs, whether caused by winter kill or summer drought.
  • Pinch growing tips from overgrown coleus, begonias, other summer annuals to keep them compact through fall season.
  • Patio pots and hanging baskets, also annual beds and fall vegetable plantings with high-nitrogen, water-soluble plant food to promote vigorous growth up until frost.
  • Bermuda lawns with all-nitrogen food to keep them vigorous and green. Wait 2-3 weeks to fertilize St. Augustine to lessen chance of gray leaf spot outbreak during the heat.
  • Chlorotic iron-deficient plants (yellowed leaves with dark green veins, most prominent on newest growth) with iron/sulfur product. Iron products can stain, so be cautious when using them near bricks, stone or concrete.

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