Is it BACK TO SCHOOL already?! Here are tips for gardening and lawns to squeeze into your busy schedule this month.
• Plant Grass and Turf as soon as you can in order to take hold before winter.
• Do you have a garden? Fall vegetables need to be planted including broccoli, cabbage and other cole crops.
• Don’t forget to buy Crape Myrtles in bloom. Prime time is winding down, so buy and plant now. Plan on watering them by hand. Soak deeply every other day the rest of this year.
• Fall-flowering Bulbs. Plant as soon as you can.
• Mow lawn at recommended height to prevent weed growth.
• Remove dead or damaged branches from large tree. It’s best to have a professional check your trees now.
• Prune or pinch out spent flower stalks, seed heads and dead leaves from annuals and perennials.
• Apply iron to yellowed leaves with dark green veins, most prominently displayed on newest growth. Include source of sulfur to lower soil pH and help keep iron in soluble form as long as possible.
• All-Nitrogen food to Bermuda turf saving half of that nitrogen to be in slow-release form. Wait to feed St. Augustine until early September to less chances of gray leaf spot outbreak.
• Patio pots and hanging baskets to replenish nutrients that have leached out of the potting soil with frequent irrigation.
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Let Emerald Cut Lawns aerate your lawn! Our core aeration removes small cores of soil from your lawn to allow air, moisture and fertilization reach deep to your lawn’s root system to promote healthy growth all year long!


ASK ABOUT: Our Full-Service Annual Lawn and Landscape Program

Our full-service lawn and landscape maintenance program is now available for a monthly fee which includes:
• Mow, edge, weed eat (weekly or as needed throughout each season)
• Flower bed de-weeding and cultivating (as needed)
• Shrub trimming (every 4-6 weeks during growing season)
• Seasonal flower planting twice a year
• Fertilization program
• Core Aeration and more (can be added to the program)


when you pre-pay for our fertilization program.

Emerald Cut Lawns fertilizer program applications are timed properly throughout the season to allow for a thick, healthy lawn. Our fertilizer program lawn treatments keep pesky annual weeds, like dandelions and clover, at bay allowing your lawn to thrive!
Jan, Feb, Sept. – Pre-emergent fertilizer application
Apr, May, and July – Fertilizer application
Post-emergent weed control (3 applications)
Optional services:
• Ant and Grub control
• Dormant oil treatment (web worm)
• Hydretain liquid humectants that hold moisture in your lawn
*Some broadleaf weeds may require additional chemicals.

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