Spring is Here!

Planting Now

Here are a few of our favorite ways to add color to the yard:

Flowering Shrubs & Vines

Carolina Jessamine


Red Dragon Wing Begonias
Perfume Bright Rose Nicotiana


Columbine Texas Gold
Rose Hellebore


  • Mow your lawn at recommended height to discourage weed growth.
  • Spring-blooming shrubs and vines to reshape them following flowering. Maintain natural growth forms.
  • Houseplants that have grown lanky indoors over the winter. Repot them as needed into the next larger pot size.


  • All landscape, garden plants, flowers and vegetables. Unless a reliable soil test tells you otherwise, stick with a high-nitrogen or, in most cases, an all-nitrogen fertilizer with somewhere around half the N in slow-release form.
  • Patio pots and hanging baskets with water-soluble, high-nitrogen food with each watering. Timed-release fertilizer is also a good idea.
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