As we move into warmer weather, here are a few tips to bring color and interest to your yard and patio.
Plant Colorful Hot Weather Annuals 
Trailing Lantana comes in shades of white, orange, lavender and gold
Wax Begonias  are best in cooler sun areas such as morning sun and afternoon shade. If you are planting in the shade look for green-leafed wax begonias. This plant is a good one if you are looking for red, pink or white blooms.
Pentas bloom all summer and into the fall. Their flowers are shades of red, pink, white and lavender.  They can grow up to 16 inches tall
Copper Plants stands up to intense sun and can grow 24 to 36” tall.
Colorful Plants for Pots & Containers 
Angelonias or Summer Snapdragon adds a nice purple color to any porch or patio.
Coleus – Red blooms can grow 24 to 36 inches tall and wide. Best in partial shade.
Purple Fountaingrass to add drama during the warmer months.
Crotons typically considered inside plants but best color comes from sun all but mid-afternoon in the summer.
Fanflowers are trailing blue and white plants.
Don’t Forget To Protect Your Plants From The Heat
Hydrate Your Plants! Make sure your soil is not dry. Dry soil can eventually cause damage to the roots making the plants unable to dissipate the heat in their tissues which will increase internal temperature.
Don’t Forget To Mulch! Installing mulch to flower beds helps retain moisture in the plants and assists in weed prevention
Fertilize Every week or 2 weeks plan to fertilize your potted plants with high-nitrogen, water-soluble fertilizer.  You can also supplement with a slow-acting pellet.
Be prepared when you go for another round of Texas heat, and grow plants that are not only beautiful, but that can withstand overwhelming temperatures! It is understandable how certain factors holding back your lawns true potential can make you want to pull your hair out, but resist! Call and consult with one of our experts at Emerald Cut Lawn and Landscaping at (972) 291-8216 or (817)293-LAWN. Your lawn’s happiness is our pleasure!

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