Picture2Fellow homeowners, this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for – Summer has arrived! It’s hard not to get caught up in swimming, barbecues, and family vacations, however, something else is craving your attention…your lawn! It’s a fact that summer is the most vital time to pay attention to your lawn, especially in the extreme Texas heat. You’ve mastered spring lawn care and now it is time to move forward and prepare for the next season, but where do we begin?


First, understand your lawn! Yes, we have been seeing an unusual amount of precipitation this year, but it won’t be that way all summer.  Your lawn is very sensitive during the season of heat and drought; however, you shouldn’t just pound it with unnecessary fertilizer and water. Cool-season grasses, such as bluegrass and rye, struggle past 60 degrees Fahrenheit while warm-season grasses, such as Bermuda and Centipede, struggle past 70. So, as the temperature rises past 80, you must treat your lawn accordingly. You can start by watering wisely.

Your lawn needs at least one inch of water per week, unless the heat is really severe, and if so, apply more as needed. A very important tip, also, is to water deeply rather than frequently so your plant’s roots become more tolerant to drought.  Watering your lawn must be done routinely or it is like you haven’t done it at all.  Make sure you do not overwater either.  With all the rain we have been experiencing, it is best to give your sprinkler system and your water bill a break and let Mother Nature take over.


Picture1Every homeowner recognizes fertilizing as a vital step to a beautiful lawn, but fight the urge to over-fertilize! Fertilization is best done in moderation, in fact, the best results for a beautiful summer lawn is to apply fertilizer about a month before the summer temperature reaches its peak. Over-fertilizing while it is hot outside can actually kill your lawn, so remember that moderation and timing are key ! Fertilizer works best when your grass is green and free from lawn disease.  If your grass is dormant save your fertilizer for when your grass becomes green again.


When mowing your lawn, it’s wise to keep your grass’ length from 2-4 inches. Longer grass length promotes your lawn’s drought tolerance as well as root growth.  It’s a great way to fight weeds as well!  Bed mulch can come in a variety of forms and grass clippings is one of them. This form of mulch is perfect when it comes to maintaining your lawn’s moisture. Mow your lawn routinely, and keep your mower refurbished and sharp! When it comes to those menacing weeds, post-emergent herbicides are very effective; however, shouldn’t be used when the temperature is above 85 degrees, and we all know Texas weather surpasses that temperature throughout most of the summer! Hand-pulling weeds is a classic technique and is effective throughout all temperatures!

We hope these summer lawn care tips help in your journey to lawn success! Call us today at (972)291-8216 or (817)293-LAWN and let us take your lawn places you never imagined it could go!

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