Your Roses Should Look Like This?
Or Do They Look Like This?

Rose Rosette Disease (RRD)

You should IMMEDIATELY remove your rose bush and here’s why:

  • It will grow rapidly and infect other rose plants. You should remove roots and all even if parts of the plant seems fine.
  • The disease is spread by microscopic mites that are easily transferred from plant to plant and yard to yard. The mites are even carried by the wind. You will not be able to see the mites.
  • There is no prevention or cure for RRD. Pruning to remove the obviously infected canes alone will not help. Remember: the entire plant is infected if any part of it is.
  • It has been spreading in the DFW area for the last few years.

A Good Alternative To The Rose?

Dwarf Crape Myrtles (RRD only attacks roses)

• Petite Embers (red)
• Petite Pink (bright pink)
• Petite Plum (deep plum purple)
• Petite Red (dark red)
• Petite Snow (white)

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