Gardening Tips For January


• Fruit trees and vines, bramble berries and pecans.
• If you have established trees and shrubs in your landscape that you’re planning on moving, you have about one more month to get that job done. Dig them carefully, holding balls of soil in place around their roots as you do.


• Peach and plum trees to maintain their scaffold branching structure and horizontal habit.
• Evergreen shrubs as needed, but retain natural growth forms as much as possible.
• Summer-flowering shrubs and vines, but do not “top” crape myrtles ever for any purported reason. There is no valid reason to do so.


• Asparagus with all-nitrogen fertilizer to promote new late winter cane growth.
• Pansies, violas and other winter annuals with water-soluble, high-nitrogen plant food.
• Scale insects on hollies, euonymus, fruit trees, oaks, pecans and other shade and fruit trees. Apply horticultural oil. Read and follow label directions as they pertain to rain and temperatures.
• Houseplants to control whiteflies, mealybugs, scales and spider mites. Your nursery professional can show you the appropriate controls.
Remember: We Clean Leaves Before Mowing
**Some yards require leaf clean up BEFORE mowing.
Please understand the extra time spent blowing leaves out of yard and beds before mowing takes a considerable amount of time and we may have to charge extra.
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